A software engineer or developer is the coding mastermind behind the software. As the market is becoming more and more tech-savvy and looking for technological solutions to everything, the demand for software engineers has been peaking for quite a while. In such circumstances, it only makes sense for one to think, how do I become one?

Three major steps to becoming a software engineer

Learn a language

Whether or not you get a formal computer science degree depends on you and your budget and is not of primary importance. However, knowing a programming language is crucial as most of your job entails programming and coding. There are a myriad of programming languages like Python, Java, and C++. Focus on one language for starters and then transition into other languages.

Study code from other software engineers

Once you’ve started picking up a language, the next best thing to do is study code. Find code by other software engineers and think of it as study materials. Try to interpret the code and understand how the program works. The more you delve into it, the more it will open up your brain to thinking like a software engineer.

Use your knowledge practically

 You don’t know how good you are at something until you’ve had a go at it. Once you’ve started picking up things, it is best to practice, practice, and keep practicing until it’s perfect. Try to replicate code from other software engineers, or write your own. Remember, practice makes perfect.



Software engineering is, without a doubt, a trending profession in today’s world of technology. If you’ve set your goal of becoming a software engineer, you’re halfway there already. What you need to do is stay focused, learn, and practice what you’ve learned and you will be at your destination in no time.